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Sarasota Branch Campus | Everglades University

Sarasota Branch Campus

综合自拍亚洲综合图区 亚洲熟妇-日本Av欧美Av sepapa8888在线观看视频The Branch campus of Everglades University, located in Sarasota, is in a spacious three-story building just off I-75 and University Parkway. The building has over 75,000 square feet of which the university occupies approximately 43,000 square feet of space. This includes well-lit classrooms, two computer labs, and a student lounge. The Sarasota Campus shares a spacious library with a relaxing study area and a large auditorium with state-of-the-industry technology with Keiser University. The campus is surrounded by a beautiful landscape of 20 plus acres bordered by Lake Osprey. Everglades University holds a membership with Sarasota County Green Business Partnership

综合自拍亚洲综合图区 亚洲熟妇-日本Av欧美Av sepapa8888在线观看视频Everglades University seeks to add an off-campus instructional site of the Sarasota Branch Campus in Tampa, Florida. The address of the facility is 5225 Memorial Highway, Tampa, Florida 33634.